Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cute Emo boy Tom Falcone

Tom Falcone
The guy with the lip ring.
Cute Is What We Aim For drummer.
The cutest emo boy! :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Emo Music

Emo music is the boat that brought the term “emo” down the river. Emo music is a type of hardcore punk music. They type of music has slowly evolved over the years. This typic of music is very melodramatic and filled with lyrics of a depressing state. Emo music is said to have began with DC bands like Embrace and Rites of Spring but is in not limited to them, in 1985. Basically, the sound involved a slower and emotional (therefore the name "emo") version of hardcore music. The vocals are generally sung in a whiny sounding voice, or with screams that leave the lyrics indistinguishable.

Emo music today has created many opposite and contradicting combinations that all proclaim to be emo, rendering it somewhat useless. Here are some examples: there's political, scream-and-flail-on-the-floor, emo like Frail, Swing Kids, Impetus Inter, and a slew of San Diego based bands; there's the really slow, discordant, artsy emo like Cap'n Jazz, Joan d'Arc, Evergreen, etc.; then we have the more popular melody/pop-oriented bands like Texas is the Reason, Sensefield, Mineral, Promise Ring, Split Lip (now Chamberlain), etc.; and last but not least we have the slow, stop-and-go, melody-thrash alternating groups like Amber Inn, Still Life, and others I can't think of right now.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Emo Love

Emo Love

Emo Band: Cute is What We Aim For

Cute Is What We Aim ForThe band Cute is What We Aim For was created in Buffalo, NY in 2005. This pop rock band began with four members but currently has three. The members include Shaant Hacikyan on vocals, Jeff Czum on guitar and piano, and Tom Falcone on drums. When the original members decided to take Cute Is What We Aim For to a new level, each had a difficult parting of ways with their other bands. The band got out to a rough start, having negative vibes from their other bands and even accusations of plagiarism. They also had issues with their debut album, The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch, when the founder of charged them with using auto pitch/tone correcting software. Nevertheless, the release of their debut album in 2006 debuted at number 75 on the Billboard 200.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blue Emo Hair

blue hairby Inyo
For a portion of the summer, I had the opportunity to dye my hair blue. Having blue hair is an enjoyable experience I'd suggest to anyone, it certainly makes life interesting. It helped get through a summer in a very boring town. But I sure did get a lot of weird comments. They ranged as anything from 'is that natural?' to 'did you spill paint on your hair?' Probably the most common questions I got from old people was 'It's just for the summer right?' or 'does it wash out?' Also common was 'Why?'. (it's something you cant really explain to a redneck in a convenience store in Nevada). Most younger people asked me 'whoa, how'd you get that color?' or 'what type of dye did you use?' When my parents saw it they simply said 'Whoa.. it IS blue'. I guess they didnt believe me.

All kinds of other interesting things happened to me when my hair was blue. When I was in the desert visiting Bodie, someone recognized me who had seen me at Rock Creek over 100 miles away. Having blue hair isnt good if you desire anonymity... don't yell things at people out of cars if you have blue hair. Also, part of my tub is now stained blue. Some idiot smacked me over the head randomly with a beer bottle at a show in San Jose and the beer in my hair turned blue and dribbled down on me, turning most of my shirt blue. Throughout the few months I had blue hair, I had to touch it up a lot. If you want to dye your hair use Special Effects brand.. don't use Manic Panic.

Anyway... if you have a job which will allow it, and you get bored, you can always give it a try. It sure did get a lot of girls to come up and talk to me, which is a good thing. It got me funny looks from middle aged people but who really cares what they think anyway? If you live in the boonies you might get pulled over by a cop or something. Also I literally had some cars almost crash when driving by me... which I thought was pretty funny because where I come from, dyed hair is no big thing. But... I would say that everyone should dye their hair while in college.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Pete Wentz Owns 730 Hoodies

Pete Wentz picture
According to the August issue of J-14, America's no. 1 emo boy Pete Wentz owns 730 hoodies.

I have two year' worth of hoodies, wearing a different one every day. A lot of people in the hardcore scene used to wear them. It's also like a comfort blanket. Long after I started wearing them, my manager told me that Bob Dylan would wear hoodies on tour. And when the hoodie was up, you couldn't talk to him. I was like, "That's amazing!"

Celebrity hairstyles: pictures for women (XXXV)

Heidi Montag grew up in Crested Butte, Colorado, where she lived from the age of three. She was raised by both German-American Parents. [1] Her parents, Darlene and Tim Egelhoff, own a popular restaurant in the area, called the Timberline.[1]

After high school, Montag moved to San Francisco, California to study fashion at the Academy of Art University.[2] At freshman orientation, she met Lauren Conrad, star of MTV's Laguna Beach, and the two became close friends.[3] Montag first appeared on MTV during season two of Laguna Beach and was seen on several episodes acting as best friend to Lauren Conrad and secondary cast member Jennifer Bunney.

Both Montag and Conrad left the Academy of the Arts and transferred to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, sharing an apartment in Los Angeles, California.[4] In the summer of 2005, MTV began filming the lives of the roommates for Conrad's Laguna Beach spin-off reality show The Hills.[5] Montag left the Fashion Institute in autumn of 2005 when she was hired as an intern at Bolthouse Productions.[4] According to Montag, she dropped out because she did not find the school challenging.[2] Within two years Montag was promoted from intern to event planner at Bolthouse, and she has no plans to return to fashion school.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Emo Girls Long Hairstyle Gallery

emo girl
Here is a gallery of long emo hairstyles for girls. There are 105 pictures overall. May you find the style your looking for.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Emo boy Shaant Hacikyan

Shaant Hacikyan
What can you say about Shaants' hair? This is the perfect example of a shaggy emo hair that hangs over the side of one's face, covering your desired eye in a side bang type fashion. Shaants' hair is long and partially hide his face, sometimes covering his eyes.

Achieving this is very simple. Just grow your hair long enough and employ a hair gel or a wax to keep your bangs right where you want it. A medium hold gel would be the best option to achieve this hairstyle.

More about Shaant
Lead vocalist of Cute Is What We Aim For
His name is pronounced Shawnt
He is turkish from his dad
Last name is haw-sik-ean
He used to smoke but he quit
He used to be an alcoholic
Lives in the BIG Apple
He is 20 something
Single - might be taken by now

Friday, July 6, 2007

Weekly Emo Roundup

13 Emo Tattoo Photos from EmoStuff.
Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems T-shirt from Threadless.

Emo Videos
How Indie Are You Emo? - sort of funny. "It's a word document! ha ha ha.
Investigators: EMO Music - some sort of documentary. I don't know if you'll like it or not.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Celebrity hairstyles: pictures for women (XXXIV)

Marianne Faithfull, née 29 décembre 1946 à Londres est une chanteuse de rock-pop britannique et une actrice.

Elle commence sa carrière en 1964 avec la chanson As Tears Go By, écrite par Mick Jagger et Keith Richards. Une fois ses premiers titres connus, elle produit quelquies titres: This Little Bird, Summer Nights et Sister Morphine. En 1969, elle débute aussi une carrière sur les écrans avec le rôle d'Ophélie, dans l'adaptation d'Hamlet de Nicol Williamson.

Coté musique, celle qui fut l'une des égéries pop des swinging sixties, chanteuse rauque dans les années 80, puis l'interprète de Kurt Weill dans les années 90, est revenue sur le devant de la scène avec Kissin Time, conçu comme un disque puzzle, dont elle a assemblé toutes les pièces pour donner une nouvelle image d'elle-même. L'image d'une femme, qui du passé a fait table rase, pour se tourner vers la vie et l'avenir. De Beck à Etienne Daho, de Blur aux Smashing Pumpkins, personne n'a refusé l'invitation de Marianne Faithfull pour collaborer à la création de cet opus. C'est escortée de plumes rares et recherchées du rock que cette voix de rêve mène aujourd'hui la revue.

Côté cinéma, car la dame est aussi actrice, on a pu la voir des les années 60 dans des séries télévisées et au théâtre, avant quelques rôles au cinéma dont l'on pourra retenir entre autres : Made in USA de Jean-Luc Godard, La motocyclette avec Alain Delon, Intimité de Patrice Chéreau, Marie-Antoinette de Sofia Coppola.

En 2007 elle est le premier rôle Maggie/Irina dans le film indépendant très remarqué (notemment au 57ème festival de Berlin) Irina Palm : elle y incarne une serveuse en manque d'argent qui se reconvertit en hôtesse pour un bar coquin. Sa prestation a tout autant été saluée.

Pon and Zi

Watch this video of Pon and Zi. They are the two cute little emo cartoon characters created by Azuzephre. Very adorable. Too bad they dont sport any emo hair style. They dont have hairs!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Your So Emo.....

Sure, we have all seen the people with the jet black hair, the extremely small, tight-fitting, shirts, and the kids with the cut-up wrists. But do we know who they are exactly? Most people would generally refer to them as “emo” but, what really is emo?

Emo is a slang term derived from the word “emotional”. Emo is also a term for emotionally-charged punk rock. The word can be used to describe the emotional state of a teenage (usually a depressed state), the person in general, or the emotionally-charged type of music.

More often than not, emo is seen as a degrading term, inferring that the person being called emo is depressed, a whiner, and one who cuts their wrist for the heck of it. Wikipedia describes as a style of fashion or music; or a general state of unhappiness or melancholy (as in "to feel emo”) Those stereotyped of emo are often unhappy, think they are misunderstood, and may have mild paranoia. Emo kids or emo boys are often found to be the rejects of society.

In my experience I have heard people use the word emo to describe a variety of things from clothing to music to a way a person is feeling. Some art nowadays is even being referred to as emo! Emo is a new way of life, a way of living, a way to express yourself through music, art, design, style, life. It is a statement, an expression, it’s emotional.