Friday, September 28, 2007

Legoshire Hot Pots - He's Turned Emo

Wicked Stuff! Totally amazing. Watch this vid!


Now my mate Geoff
I've known him for years
He loves his Madonna and his Britney Spears
Then one day I noticed a change
He went all moody and he didn't look the same
His eyes looked black
I said have you got a shiner?
When I looked closer he were wearing eyeliner
He'd straightened his hair
And combed it over his eyes
And all at once I realised

Oh no!
He's turned Emo
He's dressing like a Goth
and he's let himself go
He used to be a listening to Simply Red
Now he's listening to Fall Out Boy instead!

Well he weren't at the Labour Club for our regular line dance
He just stayed at home and listened to My Chemical Romance
I said you're not an Emo let's forget this misdemeanor
Come with me and see Cliff Richard at the MEN Arena
He said
'I'm feeling all emotional, I don't know why?'
I said
It's those tight trousers that are making you cry
Come and have a pint of mild and you'll feel fine
And listen to Abba not Bullet For My Valentine

Well I saw him yesterday when I were walking to the station
I could tell from a distance he were wearing foundation
He's painted his finger nails black, it looks quite poor
Looks like he's caught his fingers in a car door
He were wearing a man-bag that say's Jimmy Eats World
I said they wants to be eating chippy tea
You great big bloomin' girl!
He said
'I just want my emotions to be exposed'
Oh emotions thas from Lancashire
Thas not got none of those

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sedu Tourmaline Hair Straighteners - Myth or Truth?


Sedu tourmaline hair straighteners have been voted best product when it comes to hair straighteners but is this myth or truth?

If you're considering purchasing one of the sedu tourmaline hair straighteners, you might well be asking yourself the question, are they really all that they are made out to be? In order to answer this question reading reviews of these sedu flat irons is essential.

Many people will already be familiar with the sedu hair straightener and this is due to the high publicity that this ceramic flat hair iron has received from celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez to mention but two. However it should be noted that just because celebrities endorse products does not mean that what they say is true. In this article we are going to look at sedu tourmaline hair straighteners and uncover the myths and truths surrounding them.

Myth or Truth 1: The sedu hair straightener is the most expensive model on the market today-This is true but many suggest that this product is worth the money.

Myth or Truth 2: Sedu tourmaline hair straighteners won't pull or break your hair while straightening-This is also true. Sedu flat irons use ultra smooth ceramic plates which helps to prevent pulling and breaking during the straightening process.

Myth or Truth 3: Sedu flat irons won't damage your hair-This is in fact a myth. All hair straighteners when used regularly will damage your hair but the sedu hair straightener does try to prevent damage by using infra red heat technology which seals in the hairs natural moisture levels.

Myth or Truth 4: Sedu tourmaline hair straighteners heat up in 25 seconds-This is true and the sedu flat irons also have a temperature gauge which can be adjusted to your particular hair type.

As you can see sedu tourmaline hair straighteners really do live up to their name and their statements are in fact true.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Difference between scene kids and emo kids?

There is a recurring conversation at school, at home and here on the net over the differences between these various people. How can you tell the difference between the two? I have some friends that consider themselves scene kids. They are really nice people. The idea of being "scene" is usually knowing a lot about the local bands/music scene. "Emo" is as always "Emotional" were as scene kids, I believe is more of the style and looking like an emo without the personality of it all. People who only follow the fashion and style, while emo kids follow the fashion, the style and the lifestyle.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hair Styles Are One Of The Most Popular Looks Of This Century

Jennifer made her look famous on the tv show ‘Friends’ but now her hairstyle is as popular as the show and her style is copied by girls everywhere.There is a lot that you should know about Jennifer Aniston Sedu hair styles, and the most important of all perhaps is the fact that Jennifer Aniston Sedu hair styles are easily one of the most popular types of hair styles of all, and so you definitely will want to consider getting it or one like it for yourself.

What are Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hair Styles?

There are actually many different variations to this hairstyle, and so really, regardless of your face shape, skin color or hair color, you should be able to find a specific type of this hairstyle that will look great on you. Just take your time and remember that you have all the time in the world and so you should really have patience so that in the end you can love your hair rather than regret getting what you did done to it.

Basically Jennifer Aniston Sedu hair styles are hairstyles that are layered and have highlights in them, and if you are interested in Jennifer Aniston Sedu hair styles for yourself, then you are definitely going to want to make sure that you go to your hairstylist and speak to them about this, so that they can tell you whether or not they think the style would look good on you, as well as fit you in for an appointment if you decide to go with it.

Then on the other hand if you are more looking for a big change then you can basically go as short as you want to, after all it is only hair and it will grow back but for some people hair is very sentimental, and so if you are one of these people then obviously you are going to want to be positively sure about your decision of cutting your hair all off before you go through with it so that you will not end up being greatly disappointed in the end.

After all you want to make sure of several different things, for one you want to make sure that you are going to be able to do things that you normally do with it, and so for instance if you like to put your hair up, then you are going to want to make sure that you keep it long enough that you will still be able to do so. With regards to coloring by adding highlights, try and keep to your natural hair color as possible and make your style look as sunkissed as possible by adding subtle lighter tones.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie - lead vocalist of Panic! At The Disco, one of the best new bands.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Several serious mistakes that could ruin your hair

By: Mary Anne Lionel

Well, all that I learned after I have done the relaxing. Now I know that my stylist made several serious mistakes that ruined my hair and made me cut it really short because of a really great amount of split ends and broken hairs.

Mistake 1: Concentration of relaxing solution

I have fine hair, but as it is really thick it is hard to define the texture and diameter of the separate hair by eye. The girl that was doing my hair paid no attention to the fineness of my hair and applied rather strong solution. As a result, my hair looked over processed and dead in the end.

The good stylist always should study the hair type closely, and define the appropriate concentration of the relaxing solution in order not to harm the hair.

Mistake 2: Time of processing
When the lotion is applied, you hair is left to “cook”. It is important that the time is defined carefully or your hair will suffer great shock and may even dissolve!
For my hair the time was defined badly. After the solution was rinsed out, I saw that my hair was sticking lifelessly in all directions like a hip of hay. I started to think that something was wrong. My sedu hairstyle was gradually fading. I saw it flying away and waving me sorrowfully.

Mistake 3: Incomplete rinsing

Careful and thorough rinsing is particularly important in relaxing. It ensures that you hair suffers no longer and starts recovering from the chemical treatment.
During my relaxing rinsing took approximately 5-7 minutes. It may look enough, but I usually rinse out the shampoo for 10 minutes at least!

So, my hair looked more and more dreadful, and I was thinking longingly about wavy times of my hair. I spent half an hour on flat ironing every day, but at least the hair looked shiny and smooth, but not like great pile of dead strands.
At the long last, when I left the salon looking awful and feeling completely frustrated, I decided that in no way I will do two things again: go to this salon and make a chemical straightening.

After consulting with the stylist in the other salon later that week, I cut my hair short, bought new shampoo and set for chemically treated hair, and ordered sedu flat iron. I’ve decided that if I want to have sedu hairstyle, I should stick to the product that was first to invent it.

Now two months have passed since that terrible experience. My hair has almost recovered and grows healthy and wavy again. I spend nearly an hour for hair care procedures every day, but it’s really worth the effort. At the long last I have sleek and smooth sedu hairstyle, and I pay no attention that it is short.

Mary Anne Lionel is the hair care consultant of who helps people with hair problems to discover new ways of revealing their hair health. Visit Mary Anne’s web log at