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Short Trendy Hairstyles - What's HOT for 2007

A short trendy hair style for the modern woman can make life a lot easier. There's less time spent taking care of it - what could you do with that extra 15-25 minutes you'll save not having to style and dry your long locks? Something short and 'today' can also boost your confidence and even make you look younger!

However, it's critical to match the short hairstyle to the shape of your face and to your personality and lifestyle. It's important to have a balanced look between your upper body, face and hair.

Below are some short trendy hair styles that should get you some looks in 2007.


A Chopped up and brazenly messy do. Made popular in the 60's - remember Twiggie? It can look simply amazing with the summer weather coming. Toss in some highlights, slick down the bangs or go with a bold color to add variety or make a statement.

This style will really show off your face so be sure you're confident about your facial features and skin before going with this hairstyle. If your eyes are a central feature of your face, this style can really make them 'pop'. You should also have delicate, "fine boned", angular features to your face.

The predominate feature of this style are the close-cropped layers that frame your face. It's also very short and close-cropped around your ears and back of the neck. Other features are a many short pieces that vary in length so there are many places on your hair that are even. Halle Berry has sported this hair style very successfully over the years. Sharon Stone too.


The new Bob has edgy styles and variations that men, women and children are choosing for this years cut. Salons are reporting it as the most asked for style and expect the trend to hold for quite some time.

This haircut could work on women aged 21 to easily 50. What makes a bob work well is soft, straight hair. The rest is a question of face structure. Women with longer faces should opt for bangs and a shorter cut, while those with round faces should have a Bob with side bangs that are cut away from the face.

Here are a few that should be fit, flirty and fabulous this year:

Inverted Bob
A great hairstyle if you have really fine hair. It's one of the few trendy and most popular hairstyles that women with baby fine hair can wear and look great.

Go chic sophisticate to ultra funky with punches of colors, various layers, and creative highlights. There's lots to choose from - the chic sleek pageboy image, asymmetrical, or going as bold as you dare - or something in between.

This bob can work with a wide range of hair textures. There are styles for curly, frizzy, straight, smooth, and wavy hair.

Short Bob
Best for oval or square faces. You can do many things with this hairstyle - cut some short, medium or long layers to spice it up. For a totally different trendy look, flip your under ends out. Don't get carried away. Or get brave and add some color to throw in some contrast.

Or change the angles to give it a different look - go short on one side blended to longer on the other side. Use a longer version if your face is very round. Very straight hair suits this hair cut well.

The general rule is the longest pieces of hair should fall just above the chin to keep the face hugging effect.

Blunt Bob
This hair style can make fine hair look thicker. However, be prepared to do a lot of hair straightening and maintenance with this hair style. Unless you are willing to straighten your hair every day, this hairstyle can be a pain for natural curly hair.

Go with a blunt line and bangs above the brow. A more severe fringe gives this hairstyle its sharpness. But agin, if you have curly hair, you may want to go with one of the other hair styles.

Curly Bob
Great for those with a rounder face however Winona Ryder has made this style work for her with her square shaped face. Utilize layers to help detail your curls

Make sure the length is longer than the chin and a tad longer on the neck to keep the style well balance and looking good. If you have spiral curls, don't go too short on this style. You may want to trim a few of the individual curls to keep the bulk down.

The bob is a timeless hairstyle. They are always "in" and seem to work well with natural curly hair.


If you have a more oval shaped faced, this may be the style for you. You can go from rocker chic if you have wavy hair to a look that appears to have wonderful body and life if you're more on the fine, straight hair side.

Make sure to keep the layers fairly long at the back and uneven all around. This hair style is about flow. For an optional look, add in uneven, heavy bangs that can be tucked behind either ear is popular too.


Don't go with this hair style if you have really thick or really fine hair. Other than that, this looks great with every other hair type. Your face type should be fairly delicate and have small features to really make this hairstyle "sizzle".


A short haircut for older women does not have to mean drab and boring. We all know that age is just a number right? Heck, you're as old a you feel. Age is just a number so don't feel you need to be put into a box with your hairstyle at this age.

You've finally obtained an age where you have some much deserved time to spend on yourself so why not get a short trendy hairstyle that reflects your attitude and your desire to look youthful? Besides, short, trendy hairstyles can be easy to maintain, look absolutely fabulous and give you more time to spend on other things - even if you 'look' like you've been all day in the salon.

Ask your stylist to cut your hair to a length of about 2 to 3 inches all over. There are gels and texturizers you can purchase to give you that "messy" look if that's your style or should we say "attitude"?. These can be toweled in or applied with the fingers and directed when blowing dry.

If you'd rather opt for a more classy or casual look no problem. There are many styles to choose from here too. Ask your stylist to cut your hair into contoured layers through the crown of your head. At the sides, your hair should be allowed to gently frame your face. This is an easy hairstyle to maintain if you have on "on the go" lifestyle.


There are many short hair styles that can have you looking fabulous this year. Everything from sophisticated to punk.

If you want to see exactly how you'll look in one of the new hairstyles, check out a few of the hairstyle picture services on the net. With some of the better ones, you can upload photos of yourself and see 100's of great hairstyles on your own face - even in 3D - so you can see what you will look like from every angle. They'll also let you browse the styles by your face shape, by featured celebrity hairstyle, or by hairstyle category. They really are a GREAT way to see into the future BEFORE spending big bucks on the stylist!

Short hair styles demand a lot of women even love it because it is not too hard on the comb and looks more neat and here I was a little picture of this short hair look ok please ...

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