Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Updos – Elegant Hair for Formal Occasions

So the invitation has arrived, it may be the social event of the decade, or a fancy night out with your partner, not only will you need the perfect dress but you will need the perfect hairstyle. For a truly elegant look an updo is just what you are looking for. Updos are the perfect accompaniment for any evening dress and can be created from chin length to long hair.

One of the traditional updos which has been the mainstay of women for decades is the classic look. Using freshly washed hair which has been tightly curled begin at the crown and begin lightly teasing your hair near the roots. Work towards the front of your hair, creating body as you go. Take a small section giving a light twist which is then secured with a bobby pin allowing a short curl at the end. Apply this action to the remaining hair. Small flowers or beads can be added throughout to decorate the style.

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