Friday, March 16, 2012

Katherine Moennig’s Wicked Shaggy Hair

katherine moennig season

Shane's short shaggy h`irstyle in Season 3 of The L Word.

Katherine moennig medium bob

Shane in a Charlie's Angels dream sequence looking the girliest we have ever seen her. Nice soft 70's hairstyle.


Katherine Moennig with straight, medium length, layered hair.


katherine moennig short hair

Katherine Moennig from The L Word with a slightly more feminine look. Great bangs cut just above the eyes.

katherine moennig short pixie hair


Katherine Moennig with ultra short pixie hair style.

katherine moennig short sleek hairstyle

Katherine Moennig with her shag style hair cut a medium length and straightened. Katherine Moennig's hair is a natural looking dark brown color. Her hair is very sleek, shiny and healthy in this picture.

katherine moennig short textured hair

In this photo we have Katherine Moennig's very short and textured hairstyle. Katherine Moennig has a wonderful oval shaped face that would suit most hair styles, but she really looks great with super short androgynous haircuts.

katherine moennig sideswept bangs

Katherine Moennig plays Shane on The L Word. Katherine Moennig's hairstyle is very cool and trendy and in this shot is somewhat Emo like with the different layers and the side swept bangs.



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BağlantıKatherine Moennig plays Shane; the androgynous, heart breaking, playgirl lesbian on the hit TV show The L Word.

Katherine Moennig has a killer sense of style and always has a great short, layered, shaggy hairstyle. Every new season of The L Word I can't wait to see how Shane will have her hair; sometimes it is longer, other times it is shorter, it is always cool, trendy, messy and has that laid back and cool air about it without even trying. I love it. Have a look for yourselves.

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