Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Female Haircut

Many short You can have fine straight hair (think the long straight extensions of last season) and absolutely nothing gives it body. Then, there are a really cute hairstyle in the newest instyle that you can go for, but it can also be a recipie for hair in your face, flat hair, and never knowing what to do with your hair. You may want to go shorter in increments, like get a cut that is three inches shorter than you are used to, wait a month, and then go a few inches shorter the next time. Make sure you pick a stylist you can trust.

The actual "look" is less important than feeling like your hair behaves and looks good. Learn what products you need to make it react the way you want. Mess with it a lot, particularly with your stylist's help. First of all, if you do decide to go short, spend a fair amount of time learning how to fix your hair. There are some suggestions about what cut you should get, or if you should even go short?

You want to go short. Your face is oval shaped, and right now, you have shoulder-length, fine hair. Let's say you're female and you want to change haircuts.

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