Saturday, November 14, 2009

Women's Thinning Hair - 3 Steps to Stop Your Hair Loss Now

Without a doubt, women's thinning hair is very serious business. Your hair is one of your most defining physical attributes. When it starts to go, so does a portion of your self-confidence. We must do something about this right away. I believe the three actions to combat women's thinning hair I'm about to share with you are the answer!

Following just one of these steps can yield you tremendous results. Following all three can transform your life forever! Let women's thinning hair be a part of your past, and not your present. Here are those three steps...

Women's Thinning Hair - 3 Steps To Stop Your Hair Loss Now:

1. Take care of yourself! By eating well and keeping yourself hydrated, you can make a huge difference in the quality of your hair growth. Drink 4 to 6 liters of purified water each day. Adding a powdered green drink mix (wheat grass, barley grass, etc.) to your water will put you way ahead of the game. Eat fresh, raw veggies (big main course salads are ideal) and other natural foods. Take an all-natural multivitamin and a high quality iron supplement. These simple dietary shifts can produce amazing results!

2. Block DHT now! This is critical. The primary cause of female pattern baldness is dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. An all-natural horsetail silica supplement high in biotin, vitamin b6, and magnesium is what you're looking for. Nothing will stop your hair loss like taking a DHT blocker. Do not overlook its importance!

3. Grow new hair with minoxidil! This is the only hair restoration medicine that is FDA APPROVED to regrow women's hair! The best strength for women is a 2% minoxidil solution. It is believed to reverse women's thinning hair by restoring nutrient-rich blood flow to the scalp. However, minoxidil does NOT block DHT. This means that if you stop using your minoxidil, your hair could start thinning again. When combined with a good DHT blocker, however, minoxidil can work miracles!

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